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Reputation Advocate is a Franklin, Tennessee-based online reputation management firm assisting businesses and individuals across the nation. To learn more about Reputation Advocate, Click Here.

PP1010344artnering with the Better Business Bureau

Reputation Advocate's experienced team members are committed to defending clients against negative and misleading information on the Web.  The company is an A Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee. A recent cooperative effort of Reputation Advocate and the BBB will assist members with online reputation needs. 

Proven Results

Reputation Advocate offers tested process that documents, tracks and influences what's been posted about its clients on the Web. Achieving results is accomplished only by time-consuming and labor-intensive work. Reputation Advocate develops positive content and continues to move negative postings  down search returns. This results in “clean” initial search results pages.

Clients retain Reputation Advocate for a specific one-time project, or in more complicated situations it may be necessary to contract for a long-term annual service agreement. 

High Standards and Business Best Practices

When individuals, professionals and companies cannot afford to have a negative search result return on their name, Reputation Advocate provides valuable reputation assistance. Reputation Advocate does not allow its service to be used for illegal activities and reserves the right to take preventive or corrective actions to protect itself and its clients. Prospective clients are expected to truthfully and accurately represent their identities. Reputation Advocate reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. 

If You Need Help Fast
For urgent online reputation management needs, Reputation Advocate's FastTrack Program is a discreet and confidential tool. Reputation Advocate provides expanded efforts to service online reputation recovery and defense for businesses and individuals through FastTrack. FastTrack offers real solutions to clients with immediate needs to revise negative postings such as Rip Off Report complaints.

Reputation Advocate identified a need for an immediate response to online reputation attacks. FastTrack was created to focus energy on critical posting activities that would result in the re-indexing of page one search results, many times within days. Utilizing proven methodologies, the application of immediate human intervention through writing, posting and linking ratchets up the impact of technology. Every situation requires specific tactics based on each client’s situation and goal.

The Power of Google
Ten years ago most people had never heard of Google. Today there are an estimated 110 million blogs, hundreds of millions of users worldwide and over forty billion pages of content. The reality - both for the good and the bad - is that 80% of online searches never move beyond the first page of results. Most users assume that the results at the top of page one carry the most credibility, and also accept as fact search returns without ever validating the content delivered. Search engines have, in effect, become reputation engines.

On the Internet, people have the freedom to express any point of view, make any claim and attack another anonymously. Google indexes more than 20 billion pages of content every day. The RipOff Report complaint site alone has over 400,000 accusations and complaints, and those injured have almost no ability to defend themselves.

Reputation Advocate has assembled an experienced pool of talent from a number of information disciplines. While there is no silver bullet to make all negative postings completely disappear, they are providing solutions. To find out how Reputation Advocate can help you, call toll free 888-229-0746  or visit

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