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Everyone needs to make a living; some make it ethically and others in the shadows. My Book says that the love of money is the root of all evil, but nowhere does it say that money itself is evil. Money pays the bills, educates the kids and allows for a little planning in life. It’s the “root” that creates the problem.

I spend all day, every day, listening to people who are being hurt by content that appears on the Internet. Maybe they own a business and an ex-employee or disgruntled customer takes aim through the barrel of the World Wide Web. For others it is deeply personal – maybe a mistake long past but brought squarely to the forefront of their life again. 

Most people are attacked by someone that they know. A competitor, ex-lover, neighbor, jealous friend or a former employee, these are the sources of most online slander. Most complaints are not valid, in fact they are so distorted that it’s laughable – if you take the time to read them. But therein lies the big problem. No one reads the complaint, they just read the headline or metatag.

So far in 2010 our company, Reputation Advocate, has been attacked more than thirty times. I can easily rule out  neighbors, former employees, friends or romance gone bad. That brings us down to competitors. Attacking the competition is perhaps the lowest form of a business development strategy. With that said, I frequently deal with business owners who have been attacked online by a competitor.

At Reputation Advocate, we have come to recognize an oily fingerprint delivered from across the ocean. It's ironic that we, an online reputation company, are attacked and have to defend and suppress content ourselves. But we knew this would be the case as we began. The anonymous nature of online slander lends itself to those who have no other strategy for business development. No one is immune. Many doctors get ill and die every year al the while attempting to heal others. 

What I tell our clients is that there is no absolute online protection for anyone. But companies that provide service, products, integrity and honesty will always have clients, job opportunities and success. For Reputation Advocate, as for most of our clients, our “product” makes a difference. We do not execute perfectly every time. But we correct mistakes as we define them. We treat our clients with respect. In exchange for that we derive income. Making a difference in a client’s life, adding value and creating content that reflects well on the client is what will create true success. 

So this is a message on behalf of all of our current and future clients. It is a message from Reputation Advocate to its detractors. It is a message to all of those defamed on the Internet who have not yet chosen to fight back. Provide service, treat people fairly, admit that you are not perfect, try hard and keep going

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